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Our Beautiful World

 Welcome to Lavish !

This Is Our Story

                       Our Beautiful Beauty Lounge is located in the heart of downtown Zephyrhills.

Jessie & Stephanie have the passion to give clients the hair of their dreams. These ladies believe that the quality of their work is more important than the quantity of individuals that sit in the chair. We thrive from the satisfaction given to each client that walks in/out of our salon. Jessie started her journey with mastering her craft by working at a hair salon for the first three years then she branched out to a salon suite in the heart of Wesley Chapel for another three years where she confidently mastered her skills in the industry, giving her the motivation open a salon that she can call her own. Jesse knew becoming a business owner in the year of 2020 was risky but she had no desire to stop, but she couldn't do it alone.

From that day she decided she was the perfect fit for the salon and that is how the dream team started. Stephanie made Lavish her home within the next week and they have taken off as a team ever since. Follow our journey down below ! 

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